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While this quiz isn’t meant to be serious, all of the information contained in it is accurate. Alpacas are fun animals, so what could be more fun than getting weirdly competitive with your friends and loved ones about who knows more random trivia about them. Take this quiz with your friends, family, or enemies. Over time, we will update it with new and different questions, just to keep things interesting.


In the United States, how many official colors of alpaca are there (including multicolored patterns)?

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There are 22 official colors for alpacas. Several of these are shades (for example light brown, medium brown, and dark brown are all separate colors).

What is the verb most commonly used to describe an alpaca's happy, energetic jumping?

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Pronking is something that many four-legged critters do, but most notably deer, gazelles, and alpacas. It is generally associated with playfulness and energy.

What is a baby alpaca called?

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Baby alpacas are called crias. It has roots in the Spanish words for creation and offspring

What is it called when alpacas fold their legs under themselves while resting or traveling?

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An alpaca can bundle up so compactly when cushing that they can (theoretically) be transported in many standard-sized vehicles. (We don't recommend this for safety reasons)

How do alpacas communicate?

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Aside from body language, the most common noise you'll hear from alpacas is a gentle humming. Hums are usually a sign that the alpaca is relaxed and comfortable, but there are also more concerned anxious hums. You'll generally be able to tell the difference from the tone and the body language.

Which behavior do alpacas have in common with humans?

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Alpacas use communal dung piles, using the bathroom in the same general spot. Sometimes they will have a couple different "bathrooms" they will use, but as a rule they will try to keep them far away from where they eat. It is our personal belief at Alpaca Facts that alpacas have some notion of mourning their dead, but we don't have any verifiable proof of it yet. We also believe that because of alpacas use of communal dung piles, they should be able to be house trained, but we haven't been able to test that theory yet.

If you have five acres of decent pasture that never sees winter, roughly how many alpacas can it feed?

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Alpacas are very gentle on pasture, and they don't eat much (only around 2 pound per day). Because of this, each acre of pasture can handle 5 alpacas (give or take and alpaca or two), depending on the pasture.

Alpacas are thought to be most closely related to which other camelid?

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While many people confuse llamas and alpacas, llamas are actually much more closely related to guanacos than alpacas. While they all are very close and originate from a similar area in South America, vicuñas are remarkably similar to alpacas in both size and behavior.

Which of these is NOT an official alpaca color?

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Tan is not an official color. Beige and light brown are, but not tan.

In modern times, alpacas are primarily used for what purpose?

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Some people do eat alpaca, they are mostly used for their fiber. It is very soft and frequently used in sweaters, socks, hats, and much more! Llamas are known for being protective animals, and alpacas may be able to fight off a fox or two, but if you get much bigger than that, they are in as much danger as anything they would be protecting.

Aside from spitting, what is an alpaca's greatest weapon in a fight?

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Alpacas have sharp canines at the back of their mouths called fighting teeth. When fighting for dominance, alpacas can severely and sometimes permanently injure their opponents with these teeth.

Which ancient people is most well known for its use of alpacas?

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The Incan people loved alpacas, llamas, and vicunas. Vicunas were so prized that their fleece was reserved for royalty.

On average, alpacas produce how many pounds of fiber(fleece) each year?

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Alpacas only weigh around 100-200 pounds. It isn't impossible for an alpaca to have almost 10% of their body weight in fiber in a year. Can you imagine walking around 15 pounds of hair on you?

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