Alpacas Are Cute, But Not Self-Aware

Instagram user Karen Marcelo recently posted a video of an alpaca named Ben trying to solve the mystery of who the alpaca in the mirror was. He seemed to understand the concept of a window just fine, but every time he checked the other side of the trailer door, the alpaca he had seen through the window was gone.

It really gives you an appreciation for the intelligence of these animals. Very few animals can pass the mirror self-awareness test, and Ben did a pretty good job of trying to understand. The filmer summed it up perfectly when she said “You’re so smart, but…but not.” He’s so close, but he’s just not quite there. Here’s the original video

Of course, the internet had tons of fun with it. Alpaca Gear jumped right on that opportunity and made a video remix using the JUFU song “Who R U?”

After that, it spread across social media fairly quickly. What we can learn from this is that alpacas aren’t self-aware enough to recognize themselves in the mirror. But they are smart enough to know that something about this other alpaca just doesn’t quite add up.

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