How Much Is An Alpaca?

Questions like ‘How much does an alpaca cost?” leaves a lot of important info out, so it is hard to come up with a short answer, but we will try regardless. Alpacas are used for many different purposes, and their price varies depending on that purpose. For the most part, alpacas will cost somewhere between $1,000-$10,000. The most expensive recorded alpaca transaction was for $500,000. That’s a pricey ‘paca. Again, there are a lot of different factors including age, fiber quality, gender, pedigree, conformation, and the overall state of the alpaca market. Some people buy alpacas for pets, some people buy them for their fiber, and some people buy them for the competitive show circuit. The requirements for these uses are very different, and so they result in different prices.

How Much Are “Pet” Alpacas?

If this is your first foray into the world of alpaca ownership, odds are good that you may be wanting a few pet alpacas. If you aren’t going to be doing anything with their fiber, it becomes much easier to find cheap alpacas because you can mostly disregard their pedigree, fiber quality, and color. A reasonable estimate for a pet alpaca would be around $250-$1,000 per alpaca, depending on where you live and the current market. There are of course exceptions to that rule. For example, we know of some rescue alpacas that were bought from a neglectful home in exchange for a few bales of hay. But there can also be consequences of neglecting things like pedigree, as the rescue alpacas had suffered some trauma and as a result one was very aggressive and another was terrified of everything. If you want a kind and gentle pet, it is usually best to spend a little extra money and buy a few alpacas from a reputable breeder. The breeder will also often serve as a mentor to help you make sure your new fuzzy friend stays healthy and properly cared for. Do keep in mind that because alpacas are herd animals you will want to have at least three of them, so factor that into your budget calculations.

How Much Are Fiber Farm Alpacas?

If you’re looking to start an alpaca farm that can turn a profit and produce valuable fiber, you will want to be a bit more particular in your choice of alpacas. You will only want registered alpacas with decent pedigrees and high-quality fiber and good conformation. These traits open up opportunities for revenue from breeding and from fiber/fiber goods sales. However, these are traits that will cost notably more. You should expect to spend somewhere in the $1,000-$5,000 range for this type of alpaca, understanding that this should be a business decision and should be thoroughly researched. Understanding the alpaca’s genetics, age, and health are crucial to making sound decisions. You should also consider the demand for different colors in your industry (for example, white fiber is more sought after for commercial sales).

How Much Are Show Alpacas?

Much like horses, dogs, and just about every other animal, there is a very fancy world of alpaca showing. They are judged on color, appearance, conformation, and fiber quality. Success in past shows, or a pedigree of successful show alpacas, are signals of quality and should be major deciding factors when looking to buy a competitive show alpaca. These alpacas are often incredibly expensive, ranging from $5,000-$50,000. The $500,000 alpaca mentioned before was almost assuredly an alpaca with many awards and a prestigious pedigree. Odds are that if you are looking for alpacas that fancy, you probably don’t need our pricing guide.

The Ongoing Costs Of Alpaca Care

Alpacas are fairly affordable to keep. Most of the expenses come in purchasing the alpacas and making sure that you have pasture, shelter, and fencing to keep them safe and happy. They don’t eat much and are happy to graze for the most part, but there are some costs for vaccinations and grooming. The more alpacas you have, the less each individual alpaca costs.

While the costs vary from area to area, Cotton Creek Farms have created a very thorough guide on the costs of starting an alpaca farm, which you can view here.


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